Top songs of 2017.




Taken in the town of Worthington, MN. A lady created a flower shop in the middle of a small area surrounded by farms. It was amazing seeing this beautiful shop in the middle of nowhere.


This was taken in my favorite park in Minneapolis. Loring Park always makes me feel at ease as their is a variety of trees, plants and leaves all around.

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Inspired? Stuck?

Recently, I have felt an urge of inspiration. I’m inspired to get out of my small town and one day work with the arts and for a publication that I am passionate about. I’m anxious for this, but also scared to be growing up and moving outside of a life that was so easy. As I’m crazed to start a career for something I love, I’ve been thinking is this just me feeling stuck in a bubble of a town. I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to get out and remove myself from the people I grew up with. That may sound depressing, but I will keep a few close friends by my side. The friends I know will support my decisions and push me to achieve these goals. I’ve been feeling inspired by small zines that someone with nothing could start up on their own. The social media accounts of photographers and artists who are just trying to make a platform for themselves. By the editors and reporters going out and finding a ground breaking story that will fight against the norms. I’m so excited to one day achieve this. I want to start up my own publication. But how? With what? I look up to the show Girl Boss, where Sophia Amoruso, creator of Nasty Gal, made a website of clothing from nothing. I always ask myself: do I have that factor? The spark that you need to create such a thing. We will find out one day, and I hope I can say I have achieved this.

Eighteen life lessons in eighteen years.

I’m currently a senior in high school and this is a very interesting time. It’s a mix of being sad, mad, happy and bittersweet. As 2nd semester is approaching and I’m soon leaving in a few short months, my annoyance of those around me has grown drastically. I never thought I’d be this way I always thought I’d love every single person who attended my school until I died. However, this is not the case. I have noticed everyone has grown up and matured (in some way), so this causes for many people to realize they don’t want to waste their time with people that are truly not their friends. This has allowed for the bigger groups to drift apart. Cutting off these ties can make some sad as someone who you thought was your friend has completely moved on. Or this can make you happy as you are the one cutting off toxic people from your life and moving outside of your clique to find the people you want to end your high school career with. Below I have created a list of the most important lessons I have learned over the past 18 years. Enjoy:)

1. DO NOT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK! This is actually so hard to do and I still struggle with it today. I always noticed growing up my music taste and fashion sense was much different than the rest of my friends, so I thought the smart thing to do was to change everything about myself and shop at the stores they shop at to fit in. As you may guess, this did not end well. By the middle of high school, I finally figured it out and became confident with my likes & dislikes.

2. Stay. Away. From. Negativity. Also another tip that may seem self explanatory. But, this can be difficult if you are revolving yourself around drama, or choosing to be with people that are judgmental. This will only make you feel sad.

3. Be honest! This was a major item that led me to have a strong relationship with my parents and friends. It genuinely is hard for me to lie, which can be a good and bad thing, but it has helped me to form strong bonds and a layer of trustworthiness with the people in my life.

4. Get out of your comfort zone! The way to do this is to begin by making new friends and stepping out of your regular bubble. Being courageous can cause for extreme benefits in the long run as you have pushed yourself to the limit! For me this would be an outdoor adventure, hanging out on the weekends with people I normally wouldn’t, going to a concert of someone I don’t listen to often.

5. DO YOU!!!!! Ugh this is my biggest one. This is such a struggle for everyone. That is because: 1st you need to find yourself a little (I definitely haven’t done so) 2nd you need to trust yourself by making big moves in your life. This meaning, cutting off unhealthy friendships and people from your life, quitting something you used to love, so you can learn and grow as a human. By not caring what people think and setting major goals for yourself, this is the key to letting life run its course and for everyone to be themselves.

6. Take pictures! This sounds so cliche, but it’s truly important. I absolutely LOVE looking through old pictures, and honestly who doesn’t? It’s so fun being able to see who you used to spend your time with compared to now.

7. Do not worry. Do not stress. This was impossible for me for the longest time. I used to care about everything around me and worry about things that were out of my control! This is so unhealthy and made me sad. Halfway through high school, something clicked in me that made me realize I shouldn’t care too much. This changed everything as I stopped stressing out over my grade and letting the world around me unfold.

8. Do not regret anything! This will get you nowhere because you cannot change anything in the past, as we all know. You could waste your time dwelling on past events that you may be angry or embarrassed about, but take it as a learning experience and move on! Please!

9. Do not compare yourself to others. This genuinely doesn’t even make sense. There’s no way you can look at someone on the cover of a magazine and be them. There’s no way! So don’t compare yourself to them because you are you and you are unique. Don’t even waste your time.

10. Just do it! This meaning, don’t turn down amazing opportunities or spontaneous activities. I swear the most random things that you were second guessing will make the best memories. And you don’t want to reflect back on your time sad that you didn’t try new things or go to new places.

11. Self-control. This is a major one for high school students I believe. You should set boundaries for yourself and keep them. Meaning no one can cross you and pressure you into doing anything when you keep yourself strong minded. This scares people because they notice you aren’t an easy naive teenager.

12. Take time for yourself. For me, this is writing in my journal, staying home on a Friday night, taking a bath, cleaning my room, etc. All of these things can benefit your mindset for having that alone time.

13. ART! Look at it. Read it. Paint it. Draw it. I’ve really opened my eyes in 2017 to discover all forms of art. Currently I’m focused on photography.

14. Think before you speak. Sometimes I say what’s right on the top of my head. But, this could hurt someone or come off negatively. So keep those thoughts to yourself.

15. Listen to wayyyy more music and watch more films. Music was my major switch into being who I wanted to be. Go on Spotify and listen to all of the discover playlists to find a new artist! Also go see more independent films and not the mainstream ones in the theatre!

16. Embrace change. Sometimes you may be left sad as you notice a major change unfolding before you. Luckily, this is only benefiting you! In the long run, you’ll be grateful for having multiple changes throughout your life. It happens to everyone.

17. Save your money. Don’t waste it on pointless objects that you won’t need in a year. You’ll need this money later for more important things.

18. Be open. This is the one I’m currently working on because I’m the most reserved person, and will share very very little with the people around me. But, posting this is a major step outside of my comfort zone so there ya go 🙂